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National Science Fund

1.      ТN 801/1998:  Mobile robotized systems working in harmful environments

2.      NPR-1/2003: Research of new knitting method

3.      ТN 1411/2004: (НЕК по ТН):  Adaptive mobile micro robots for environment investigation

4.      D01-N09/2006: Modern control systems for machines with linear motors

5.      D01-439/2008: Innovative modules and systems for medicine automation

6.      D002-13/2009: New methods and means for renovating of extrusion shafts

7.      D002-262/2008: High speed stamping hammer with rocket engine

8.      ID-09-00-44/2010: Assistive computer interface for visually impaired

9.      ID-09-00-48/2010: New shape milling bodies for ball mills

National Innovation Fund

10. IF-02-50/2006: Hardware and software for new type knitting machines

Spesima GMBH

11. SM-001/2006: Specialized robot for hot-stamping machines


Steel met LTD

12. SТ 001/2005 Control system for two-arm manipulator in aluminum profiles extruding line

Psycho hospital – Stara Zagora

13.  МS-001/1998:  Information system for health care